help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son


Sean is much loved and missed by his family in England. Sean  spent many summer vacations with his British cousins, Benji, Camille and Leah (Sidi), and his Aunt Francoise and Uncle Alan. We have such good memories of our family vacations together in various parts of Europe.  Sean and his cousin, Benji Sidi, are only 2 weeks apart in age - making it perfect for double the mischief. During one vacation to Sicily, both boys, who were about 3 years old at the time, "unpacked" the suitcases by throwing the clothes in the suitcases from our 2nd story apartment, down to the mud below....They had such a laugh!
London, 29 September 2013
"Dearest Sean,"
A couple of days ago, I was coming out of our local supermarket and found myself face to face with a young man that looked so, so much like you, it was uncanny. My heart went mad! After taking a few steps away from him, I turned back and hovered around, observing him. I was totally unable to leave even after realizing that he was not you. I did not want him not to be you and hoped, I suppose, for a miracle.This young man was on the phone, talking about mundane things to a friend, maybe what he was about to buy or do that evening. A young man, just like you! I went home quite distressed, thinking of Claude, Lynn and Danielle who probably see young men, just like you and how unimaginably hard that must be!
So often with Alan, Benji, Camille and Leah, we talk about you. You are “kind of there” at dinner time when we remember a holiday and a situation that made us all laugh. How funny and mischievous you and Benji were when you were both little. How you drew these amazing mazes and what good illustrations & drawings you make. How good your French is, although you never wanted to speak it with us (hi, hi! just like Benji!). These moments bring up so much fondness and love for you.

Benji’s girlfriend, Josie, kind of knows you by now, she saw pictures of you, she heard the stories of how the two Sidi boys were so “creative” in their play… but then, there is silence, bewilderment and sadness showing in Benji’s and our eyes.
Your European cousins will not express grief and concern very easily and publicly, they are British after all! But we desperately want you to be back, to live your life, be yourself and develop all these talents that you have!
As Cousins, you may live on separate continents and live very different lives but,
Dear Sean, there are Only Two Sidi Boys! And for us there will always be two Sidi Boys!
You are One: Unique, Important and Loved.
We hope you are safe and that you will find your way Home very, very soon!

With All Our Love,
Alan & Françoise
Benji, Leah and Camille"
For more information about our desperate search for Sean, missing from San Francisco since May 21, 2013, see or

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