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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Finally a Bit of Good News ...

Response to the Vigil and Sean's circumstances has been overwhelming. 


We are happy to report that the SFPD has accomplished the following:

1)  Sean has been listed as a Dependent  Adult, "at risk" in all databases for missing persons.   Sean's identifying medical information has been listed as well.   

2)  The FBI duty officer this morning was notified/briefed as to Sean's case

3)  Golden Gate Bridge district will research what video/data may be of use and then review it!   


The Sidi Family would like to thank the San Francisco Police Department for it efforts in the search.


Still Missing - Update

New Information:    The corrected (updated) information from SF Police is that the PING of Sean's last phone call came from the area:   Near and/or around Alvord Lake (Golden Gate Park), Stow Lake (Golden Gate Park), & Inner Richmond. 


Search Information:   We are coordinating a formal search thru the Klass Foundation and with Beau's family.  We will provide details soon.     Please do not hesitate to search on your own or to contact Antoine (415) 312-4747 or Claude.    


At this time no part of San Francisco has been eliminated, please continue to search.  The most recent flier is here.