Help find Sean Sidi | We need your help to find our son
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

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Still Missing - Update

New Information:    The corrected (updated) information from SF Police is that the PING of Sean's last phone call came from the area:   Near and/or around Alvord Lake (Golden Gate Park), Stow Lake (Golden Gate Park), & Inner Richmond. 


Search Information:   We are coordinating a formal search thru the Klass Foundation and with Beau's family.  We will provide details soon.     Please do not hesitate to search on your own or to contact Antoine (415) 312-4747 or Claude.    


At this time no part of San Francisco has been eliminated, please continue to search.  The most recent flier is here.   

If you want to help search

If you want to help search - please contact Antoine at (415) 312-4747 for the latest.  We suggest search teams of at least 2. 


Further we are working on getting an interactive map available to all searchers so that people can see where others have been.     More on this later.  


Thank you!

Sunday Search (5/26/13)

Today the search continues with the National Park Service lifeguards searching by boat and shoreline areas. 


Of course we need people to continue to keep an eye out for Sean.   No formal search has been organized for Sunday outside of the park services.    Flyers can be downloaded from the homepage.  


Thank you.

Search Party Information

This Memorial Day weekend we are asking anyone able to do so to  help search Lands End, Golden Gate Park and the Presido Parks. The last thing he told his father was he was going to "the park". Cell phone tower puts him somewhere in the North West Corner of San Francisco. We are Grateful for any assistance.

Claude will be addressing Ch. 7 news today.   Check back tonight for Status and additional information regarding organized search parties.   



KTVU News Channel 2 - May 24, 2013

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