Help find Sean Sidi | We need your help to find our son
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

SEARCH for John Doe's Family - Missing Sean SIDI

This was shared with me (Sean's mom) on Facebook.  "John Doe" is NOT Sean.  However, we are sharing this with you in hopes of helping to locate "John's" family.  Please share.


Have you SEEN Missing Sean SIDI - Age Progressed PHOTO to 23 yrs.

Sean's photo - age progressed to 23 yrs.

NCMEC forensic artists used my and Claude's photo at 23 yrs to render Sean's photo. Claude and I see some resemblance (EXCEPT for the teeth...).

It has been a very rough 4 years since MISSING made her ugly debut into our lives.

We love & miss Sean with every fiber of our being, and still cling to hope for a reunion, or answers, whatever that might be.

Sean would be 23 yrs., 5'5" 120 lbs, Eurasian, slim build, DIMPLES, bump on right forehead, braces (4 years ago). HE SUFFERED a severe TBI before going missing in San Francisco CA on 5/21/13. Calls & PHOTOS to 415.713.5913





1st photo - AGE Progressed to 23 yrs (by NCMEC forensic artists)



2nd photo - Sean at 18 yrs of age


Sooner Than Tomorrow - re: Shaylon - POSTED by (Missing)

As you may or may not know, 2,000 persons go missing (nationwide) EACH day.  

Facebook FindSeanSidi shares some of those posts re: missing persons, particularly cases in San Francisco.  

Several weeks ago we posted about a young man by the name of Shaylon who went missing in SF.  He was recently located.  

Here is Shaylon's mother's post, the day Shaylon was located:…/…/6/25/update-on-shaylon

Missing Sean SIDI - UPDATE July 3, 2017

Wishing you and yours a wonderful & SAFE 4th of July weekend. 

Over the past 2 weeks, a few PHOTOS/tips were sent in - 

One was from a man who saw Sean's flier at XANATH Ice Cream on Valencia Street (SF) (THANK you Juan & Rosa Maria SAN MAMES!!!) The man said that he called & sent in the photo because he was a dad and could not imagine losing a child this way.... 

While it was not Sean, we were touched by his compassion. 

We believe Sean may be very far from home. Pls keep an eye out for Sean & so MANY others missing - during your travels. 

We still hold out hope of finding Sean. 

See this amazing story of hope: 



Sean is 24 yrs old, 5'5" 120 lbs, slim build, Eurasian, wore silver braces on teeth at time he went missing, dimples on 2 sides, Call/test photo/tip 415.713.5913. 

4 Years Today - May 21, 2017 - MISSING SEAN SIDI

Today marks 4 years since Sean vanished from San Francisco.

What can I say? Claude and I cannot escape the "what if's" - the crushing guilt of having failed to protect Sean at his most vulnerable. Everyday, but particularly today.

Our only solace is that we know - that Sean knew he was deeply loved and that he was our world.

We continue our search for Sean.

Thank you to all who continue to support us in this endeavor.


TIPS/PHOTOS:  415.713.5913

SEAN IS 23 yrs. 5'5" 120 lbs, silver braces on teeth at time of disappearance, dimples, bump on right forehead from accident; Eurasian. 




I received several calls this week - inquiring whether Sean was still missing. Unfortunately, the answer is YES, Sean IS STILL MISSING. 

Sean vanished  from Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, CA) at @1:30 PM - on May 21, 2013. Park workers at the GG Park arboretum KNEW Sean - as the boy who always had a smile and greeting for them.

When a loved one dies, there is a mechanism to heal, rituals that allow others to provide comfort, a process to grieve & a chance to move on in life. But MISSING does not grant us this respite. There is NO healing or moving on. 


2017 -  Sean is 23 yrs old, 5'5", 120 lbs.,dimples 
-- braces on teeth (at time of disappearance in 2013); 
-- bump on right forehead from accident / brain injury


 "SEAN PHOTO" & TIPS TO:   415.713.5913 

Also see:  facebook find sean sidi